Believe in being well. Comprehensive, compassionate care. Believe in being well. Comprehensive, compassionate care. Believe in being well. Comprehensive, compassionate care.

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An Integrative Approach

Women's Health Connection follows an integrated approach between traditional medicine with its tests, medications, labs, imaging, procedures and surgeries, and functional and lifestyle medicine, often the first line of treatment for many conditions, including food planning, stress management, fitness planning, and great nutrition. The result: A holistic approach tapping into mind, body and spiritual resources.

Women's Health Connection is a safe place to let us know what is on your mind. We are listening. Open and honest information exchange is what it's all about. The provider's role is to inform and guide, but it is always your choice what to incorporate into your life and your role to make it happen. We respect your decisions and encourage and support your efforts to achieve wellness and balance in your life.

Many women think of going to the gynecologist as one of the more stressful visits that they have - right up there with going to the dentist. In founding Women's Health Connection, Dr. Ravasia strove to get past this stereotypical image and to create a calm, peaceful and serene environment for you to visit. The colors, music, style, and demeanor of the Women's Health Connection have been carefully chosen to help you feel at ease. You are in a safe place here.

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